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About Us

Chikukwa Ecological Land Use Community Trust (CELUO) was formed by some members of the Chikukwa community in Chimanimani district in the year 1996.  These members of the community came together, then, to address environmental challenges faced by the Chikukwa community – lack of drinking water, overgrazing and formation of galleys, for instance.   With the passage of time, the organization attracted funding from the donor community and expanded its work into different wards within the Chimanimani district.  Apart from expanding its geographical coverage in the area of Sustainable Agriculture, CELUO has grown to the extent of addressing other thematic areas such as Child Protection and Peacebuilding.


The CELUO story of success can be presented in summary as follows:

Our Stategic


CELUO builds the capacity of communities in Zimbabwe and beyond through training, peace-building, research and advocacy to enhance food security and livelihoods.


A peaceful and healthy community.


Commitment | Grassroots Empowerment | Peaceful Coexistence | Preserving Natural | Resources | Respect for one another | Respect for traditional leaders and the indigenous knowledge system | Serving Others | Teamwork | Transparency

District Peace Program

Communities are engaged in peacebuilding and have acquired the capacity to deal with conflicts in a constructive way.


Child Protection

Capacitated child protection committees in schools and the community addressing child protection cases efficiently and effectively, resulting in a safer environment for children.


Sustainable Agriculture

Enhanced livelihoods and food security as a result of sustainable agriculture/ sustainable land use and through agro-ecology practices.