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The programme started in 2013 and is operating in 9 wards out of 23 wards in Chimanimani district. The programme promotes conflict transformation activities that builds peace and community cohesion.
Through the democratically elected ward peace teams the people are given space to deal with conflicts within their communities.
This has empowered the people to deal with conflicts related to; unequal access to natural resources (water and land), power struggle, marginalization of the weak members of society (women and children) and youth with no future and unfair access to relief food and inputs.

Constructive transformation of community conflicts in Chimanimani and Chipinge Districts of Manicaland Zimbabwe. A local peace building initiative

The project aims to build resilient and peaceful communities in Chimanimani and Chipinge district. Communities learn to handle conflicts in a positive way by practising tolerance and respect of diverse views. The project work in close cooperation with the Ward Peace Committees (WaPeTes) in 20 wards in Chimanimani and Chipinge. The WaPeTes are an inclusive community structure formed by the community members and democratically elected from the various community groups.  The elected WaPeTes work with local leadership  to deal with  existing and emerging community conflicts over access to natural resources, leadership disputes, gender relations, trauma and youths violence.  The peace project uses participative approaches through inclusive community participation in concretised planning, capacity building of the local mediators and peace volunteers, forum theatre and the peace circle approach that help unite different community groups.